This is Adam, one of our great friends and supporters that have been with us almost from the start. Adam is a passionate outdoor person that combines his profession as a marketing expert with the joy of being outside, and if you look closely you might spot him once or twice on our webpage. Just like us, he enjoys all kind of outdoor actives and a bit further down in this text he explains the why. It could not be simpler, and we couldn’t agree more.

A few weeks back our friend Adam took us to one of his favourite spots in Västra Härjedalen, Fjällnäs. The narrow road that leads up to Fjällnäs follow the river Tännån, a road that you carefully need to navigate as reindeers tend to cross the road every few hundred meters.

The surrounding nature around Fjällnäs is very easy to access and sometimes it's nice to accent on a smaller peak and get the chance to look at larger peaks. Peaks like Storvigeln, 1586m, that is just on the other side of the boarder to Norway.

Often our discussions with Adam involves the journey that Norra is on and how this connects to the outside and in what way we like to enjoy nature. As Adams is an expert within communication he recently summarised what we wanted to say with Norra in one sentence: “The best time is now”. This is really what it is about, it does not matter what you like to do or what time it is of the year. No matter if it is nordic ice skating in the winter, gravel biking in the spring or catching waves during a fall storm, the best time is now.

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