Adam lives in the countryside of Sweden. he loves to paint, make films, read and write songs. “I try to design my life where I can do the things that inspire me, this is why I chose to live in the countryside. I love to live close to nature and prefer it over living in the city. I find that nature doesn’t try and sell me things. In nature I am good as I am, whereas in the city I feel I am always bombarded with messages and advertisements that says I have to be something more.” he tells us.

“Outdoor” for Adam is literally when he open his front door and steps outside.

“I remember when visiting friends in the city and having to open so many doors just to get outside, and once outside it’s not really anywhere close to nature. I love being able to open my front door and listening to the silence or the subtle sounds of passing birds or wind through the trees. I think nature can teach of many things about ourselves and if we look closely enough we can see how we are all connected to it.” he continues.

We ask him for his favourite memory and tells us it was when he was sailing in the Blekinge archipelago.
“Sweden is by far one of the most magical places in the summer. The light is special and the sounds are so unique. Sometimes I can forget I’m in Europe and feel as if I am in some exotic landscape.” he ends.

Product tested: Ljung pants.

You can follow Adam on instagram @holyfarmer