Clara comes from Dalarna and was born on skis, she tell us. Skiing is still one of her biggest passions together with climbing, and she takes any opportunity she can to get out on her skis.

When not outside, Clara is currently studying Development studies and Climate leadership at Lunds university and her goal is to be able to combine here love for the outdoors with her future profession.
“To work with sustainable development, both nationally and internationally, and combined with outdoor activities and especially skiing would be a dream ”.

During her studies she has also gotten the opportunity to live in Lofoten and Canada but one of the places she is most found of is Abisko. This is also where she has spent her summer this year, working in Abisko nationalpark.

I ask her what outdoor means to her and she tells me that even if it is a simple questions it is hard to find a simple answer.

“to get closer to nature and appreciate how the time slows down” she continues.

“Be happy from a simple cup of porrige inside a sleeping bag while is it freezing cold outside. But I guess the simple answer is: Most important is to just get out, and that is just the best feeling.”

One of her best outdoor memories is when she went on a ski trip in Austria. Even though the snow was not perfect everything else was. “ It was just one of those days when everything feels perfect. My friend and I was just laughing all the way up and all the way down, and that is just how I remember it.

But in the end she adds that she has so many good memories from spending time outside and that it is not necessary what you do but how you embrace the moment that makes the difference.

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You can follow Clara on instagram @claraedwards