Henrik has taken the Ljung pants through some the most exciting and extreme adventures we can think of during this year. Together they have been climbing, paragliding, biking and hiking throughout Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France.

Henrik is 26 year old and when not traveling, he has his home base in the very north part of Sweden, in a city called Kiruna. “My two biggest passions are surfing and paragliding” he says. His favourite place, where he spends most of his free time, is Lofoten in Norway where the constantly searches for waves or new mountains to fly from. His van is his second home and this year he dedicated his free time to the alps where he climbed and flew from as many peaks as he could.

“For me being outdoor, means the feeling of the water through my fingers when laying on my surfboard, or when the air fills my paraglider as I am about to get airborne, or just being with friends around a campfire”

Product tested: Ljung pants.

You can follow Henrik on instagram @henrik.dahlstedt