Joseph lives in Stockholm with his partner Emma and their daughter Billie. He is a professional film photographer and he tells me that his profession has taken him on the most fantastic adventures.

Give me an example, I ask.
“Like when I recorded a surf documentary in Peniche, Portugal or a documentary in Romsdalen, Norway when Sofia Johansson climbed 7 mountains in 5 days. Unfortunately I could not follow to a single peak due to bad conditions, but it was a fantastic trip regardless!”

I continue to ask him what outdoor means for him:
“I must say that it is my profession that has given me insight into the outdoor world, and since I got to experience a few things with the job, I have learned to take on the private adventures as well, especially now that I have recently become a father. I really want to teach my daughter what nature has to offer! For me, it's about taking advantage of what already exists around us, being able to spend a whole day in the forest or in the archipelago; all of a sudden the whole world has transformed to your living room!”

We continue to talk about memories and he tells me. "I have many fantastic memories from small adventures that are not so spectacular in the story, but are close to my heart. A bigger outdoor memory I have, is when my friend Marcus and I were in Albania hiking between Valbona and Theth. The hike was easy to follow and incredibly beautiful, I can highly recommend it. We mostly got sun but also a heavy downpour. We had to sit under a roof in one of the hiking campsites and talk to other nice hikers from all over the world. It was also here that we chose to pitch our tent to spend the night. We woke up early in the sunrise and when we opened the tent to go out we were met by an absolutely fantastic view of the mountain range, that view is something I soon will forget.

If we would have known better, we would have taken more food with us on the trip. We had informed ourselves before we started the trip that we would be able to buy food at the campsite, but once we were there, they had ran out of all food… So all we had was a dry piece of bread and some power-bars that I had brought from Sweden. Even though it was a challenge to get up the mountain, we were so distracted by all the beautiful nature and very motivated to reach the top. Once at the top, we took a quick picture before Marcus got dizzy, and then it was time to go down towards Theth. The big chock was when we realised that going downhill was 100 times harder than going uphill, our knees were completely exhausted! Once in Theth we jumped on a bus that would take us to the nearest big city. It may have been the most winding road I ever went on, but we were so tired and slept like babies all the way.”

Product tested: Vide fleece.

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