Linda is a person with passion for nature and personal development. Combining her adventures with work, she makes a living as a photographer, writer, public speaker, tour leader, blogger and much more. She runs the adventure blog where thousands of people follows her life every day.

We asked her what outdoors means to her and her answer really put words on everything we believe in:

"For me, life is all about passion. Find what you love and try to spend as much time as possible doing it.
I love to discover new places and try new activities. I have no interest in being the best in a sport or compete with others, the only person I compete with - is myself. By stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself, I grow as a person. That fills me with energy and creativity that I bring back into my work and daily life.
...But I'm not really making an difference between work and life. For me, everything is about passion. Make the best of the life you've been given. Make each day count. Live every day to the fullest." she tells us.

"The outdoor is a place where I can find peace and also develop myself. By shutting off all distractions; all noice, lights, billboards and headlines etc that competes for my attention in the city, I can focus on myself and my needs instead. The beautiful nature are just there, calmly supporting me and gives extra beauty to the moment.
To truly find peace in the outdoor, you need to look within. What do I need? How far do I wanna walk? How fast? What do I wanna eat? What knowledge do I have and how can I stay safe based on that? How far outside my comfort zone can I go? What is made up fears and what is a real danger? Taking small steps outside your comfort zone, make you grow as a person.
So for me the outdoor is a place for relaxation but also for personal development." she continues.

So can you pick one favourite memory we ask.

"I have many incredible memories and it's so hard to pick one. They're all dependent on the nature, the company, the situation and the obstacles I had to conquere to get there. But I still today remember the first time I visited Sylarna in Jämtland, Sweden. It was my first solo hike in Sweden and also my first hike in the Swedish mountains. I had driven up in mid October to hike the Jämtland triangle. As it was between seasons, there was no other people on the trail, just me and dozens of reindeers.

When I started from Storlulvån the first day and hiked towards Sylarna, I had no idea what to expect and the fog was thick and the rain was slowly falling. I could only see a few meters ahead of me. After about 10 km I decided to make a stop. While sitting on a rock, sipping on some coffee, the air suddenly became clearer and a the clouds opened up a small hole in the sky where the sun manged to shine through. The sun rays lit up the peak of the mountain"Templet" in the far distance and then revealed the beautiful Sylarna Valley. It was like I had found a hidden treasure in the middle of the fog. A treasure that only the ones who knew about the secret trail through the fog, could find.

This magical feeling is one of the best I know when I'm in the outdoors and this is one of the first time I felt it. My best place in the outdoor might not be a physical place, but a place in my mind, a feeling."

Product tested: Ljung pants.

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