Born in Poland, living in Sweden. Maciek is 23 years old and lives in Nynäshamn. You could almost say that it is just next door to our office as Nynäshamn is a quite small city. Maciek works with logistics as a trade, but also spends many working hours out on the sea as a volunteer coastguard.
The sea and mountains are his two favorit places, and that’s where he spends his free time. “Either on my mountain bike or in my kayak” he ends.

He says that being outdoors, is a way for him to relax, see the beauty of the nature and collect his own stories. “Simply a way to feel good”, he says with a smile.

One of his more memorable adventures was when he did a winter kayaking trip in the Nynäshamn archipelago together with his father. It was minus 15 degrees Celsius, blue bird and the water was freezing like an ice slushy. They where out for about 3 hours and passed the Yttre Gården in Nynäshamn.
Once back again their drysuits had almost frozen to ice but Maciek and his father had nothing but smiles on their faces.

The last question I asked was if he could recommend his favorit outdoor destination. And we could not agree more as his says Nynäshamn and its archipelago. “There are so many beautiful places like around Bedarön, Yttre Gården or Landsort”, he ends.

Product tested: Lind pants.

You can follow Maciek on instagram @maciekmalgorzaciak