It's all about food and nature. This is Pontus Karén, he is 32 years old and made a big change in his life as he took his profession from the big city restaurants to a life in the Swedish mountains around Funäsdalen. Now he put all his focus on inspiring more people to make food outdoors.

To be able to combine his passion of being outside with his profession as a chef completes the circle. On the question: What does outdoor mean to you? He says: Simply freedom and well being.

His is not only making great food, he also knows how to catch some of the thing he cocks. Fly fishing being part of his favourite activities, he sometimes gives guided tours in the area around Funäsdalen. One of his best outdoor memories was from one of his guiding session. The person Pontus was guiding had been trying his fishing luck on his own for a while without any luck. Pontus took him to one of his favourite spots and in less then 2 tries they together caught a 1kg char.

Not surprisingly is Funäsdalen the place to visit if you ask Pontus and especially in the summer. The long summer days and nights are something special when spent in the mountains. A place of silence and harmony with warm lakes and views over mountains and valleys that you will fall in love with.

Product tested: Ljung pants. and Ask hoodie.

You can follow Pontus on instagram @pontus.karen