This is Ronja Arum, a geologist and outdoor enthusiast (addict), currently living in Trondheim and Svalbard.

“Outdoor to me essentially means freedom. It can mean taking a break from it all, recharging the batteries and realigning myself. Or it can be challenging myself both physically and mentally, by pushing my limits under extreme conditions. Regardless, it is my freedom of choice and I choose the outdoors”, she tells me.

The word outdoor can mean different things to different people, but a common understanding seems to be to just get out. When I ask her about her most memorable outdoor memory she answers:

“For me it’s mostly about the small trips and hikes in a busy everyday life. It does not have to be long trips or expeditions, just getting out there and being present. “

“But one outdoor memory that really made an impression on me, was an expedition around the archipelago of Svalbard last summer. A group of geologists on a sailboat, sailing from fjord to fjord, studying uncharted terrain and geology, and every day climbing a new mountain. Seeing the majestic glaciers and amazing wildlife up close really makes you feel so lucky. And not to mention responsible for your actions in terms of climate change“, she ends.

Finally I ask: If you could only pick one place to visit, where would it be and why?
”Svalbard! It’s this magical place that takes your breath away every time you walk out the door. Just breath taking.” She says with a smile.

Product tested: Ljung pants.

You can follow Ronja on instagram @ronjadaa