Sofia was born and raised in Stockholm and that is also where she currently lives and work. But despite living in Sweden’s largest city her life is all about being in the nature. And she is definitely taking any opportunity she can to go remote and far from civilisation and the big cities.

Last summer she spent exploring the landscapes of Greenland. This was one of the better trips she have ever made, she tells us.
“The environment on Greenland have such a variety of scenic views and all within the same place. Fjords next to glaciers, next to beautiful valleys and big mountains.
The panorama views are simply stunning.”

After speaking a while about some of here more extreme adventures, Sofia emphasize all the really nice outdoor experiences you can have within and just around the city of Stockholm. We asked what to do if you only had one day and she says: “by far best outdoor activity within the city of Stockholm is to go kayaking”.

She also mentions two hiking trails with easy access, called Sörmlandsleden and Upplandsleden. Both trails starts really close to the city.

Even though there are plenty to discover around Stockholm, Sofia prefers to be totally alone in the nature and the thing she appreciates the most is silence.

As she still lives and works inside the city and silence is what she appreciates most she have found out that the city of Stockholm have created a guide to silence. Essentially a map where you can find the most quiet places within the city. Read more about that here

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You can follow Sofia on instagram @fjalldrottningen