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2000 reviews.

We are extremely happy to let you know that we just past one great milestone in our pursuit of making high quality, transparent and responsible outdoor gear available to more. We just passed 2000 product reviews and we can’t thank you enough for all the great words and good input that we have gotten so far. It is extremely encouraging to see and read all the reviews and it really encourage us to make even better products going forward.

So, here's what you think so far:

The Ljung outdoor pants is by far the most reviewed product and not that strange since this was where it all started. With 950+ reviews this one makes up for almost half of all our reviews. What is extremely fun to see is how well the new Lind pants and Shorts has been received. Not even a year since the launch and combined together the shorts and pants have over 400 reviews so far.

Review of product.

The highest ranked product is the Vide Polartec fleece with a result of 4,9/5. This is an interesting piece and it feels like that people how have bought really really likes it, including us of course.

Review of product.

Even though so many of you like what we are doing, there is still room for improvement. Sometimes that color was not as expected, or the material did not feel as you hoped. And it do happen that things break, but we really hope that we catch all of you how is not happy with what you’ve received.

One feedback we have received, is your experience of the women's version of Ljung. Some of you felt that the size where too narrow and too low in the waist. To meet your request, we have updated the women's fit with a slightly higher waist and wider seat.

If we where to pick one key learning from all of our reviews, it is that by far, the most common reson for returning an item or giving it a less good review, our limited offer of sizes. Especially when it comes to leg length. We need more sizes, period.

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