Details of pant trims

3 weeks post Kickstarter.

Just three weeks post the ending of our first Kickstarter-campaign for our Ljung Outdoor Pants, we are pushing full throttle to get everything ready for production. There are many things happening at the same time right now and we will try to cover and share as many details as we can along the journey.

In short, these are the following steps regarding the production that will follow during the coming months:

Approve all final details.

The first step that we will take and that we are currently working on is to get the last confirmation on all smaller details like hang tags, labels and packaging.


Fabrics and trims production.

Fabric production will start shortly, and the first step is to weave each fabric. After that the fabrics will be dyed in the correct colors before being shipped to our production partner in Vietnam.

Trims like button, hooks and zippers all needs to be produced. A new die cut tool for the hook in the hem adjustment has just been made by the buckle and hook specialist Duraflex.  

Die cut tool

Our custom die cut tool from Duraflex. Made to make the aluminum hook that is used to adjust the hem width.

Arranging all materials.

Once all materials have been made they are then shipped to our production partner in Vietnam who sew each material together and creates the Ljung Outdoor Pants.


Shipping to Sweden.

Once all pants have been sewn they will go through a quality control making sure everything has been made correctly before they are shipped to Sweden by boat.


Shipping to you.

When we receive the pants, we’ll make a final check before sending them out to all of  you that has already ordered a pair!


Stay tuned for the next post where we will share more from the final steps leading up to the production.

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