Merino wool long sleeve sweater.

Beyond a long sleeve sweater.

Something really really nice is cooking. Knitted with the same nice combination of Merino wool and Tencel as our Lupin tee but in a heavier and thicker quality.

Some of you might have seen it in our live streams and we thought it would be nice to give you a quick updated on the progress. Using this piece during the summer it has become my go to sweater in almost any situation. The quality of the fabric in combination with its thickness makes it so incredibly versatile. The fabric is around 45 gram heavier than the fabric in Lupin making it work great a in-between-layer. I have mostly used it on top of the Lupin tee but I could also see how this could be used a the very first layer too.

Sketch in paper.

The fit is similar to the Lupin tee and just as the tee is it slightly longer in the back. On the front you find a halv-zip much inspired by a bike jersey, where you get the possibly to ventilate incase you get to hot.  

The fabric has the same melange effect as the tee and is really soft on the inside. We have decided to make it in two colors a green and a black version, and the first production run will be limited to make sure you stay tuned!

Merino wool fabric and zipper.Labdip swatches.

We still have a few more steps to take but the goal is to launch it before Christmas and in two colors. Stay tuned for more details on this project soon!

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