Pantone swatches


A while ago, we made a small survey on Instagram and Facebook regarding the coloring of our pants. We wanted to know your opinion on four color options, so we asked our followers the simple question: If you only had one pair of outdoor pants, what color would you have?

Even though many of you like the blue version, the “sten-svart” black version was the overall winner, and we decided to go for that color combination. This decision affected other decisions such as fabrics, trims and other materials.


We used the international Pantone system to translate the “sten-svart” colors to the different shades of black and gray that we were looking for. The Pantone systems consists of a few different systems and the one we use is called TCX. This system is specially developed for textile products. Read more about this system here:

A bunch of different Pantones swatches was compared and once we felt that we had the right shades, we sent the swatches to our fabric partner. They created the right recipe for dyeing the fabric in the correct shades and send back small swatches of dyed fabric, called “lap dips”, that we then choose from. Once we agreed on the right shades they dyed a smaller amount, about 150 yards (137 meters), of fabric.


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