Sewing machine

Design-test-refine repeat.

What started as an idea and a simple sketch have now gone through a bunch of steps that has been repeated over the last couple of months. Basically design-test-refine repeat.
What we initially did once we had the design concept was to find a basic fit that we felt had just the right properties, not too loose and not too tight. A basic pattern was then developed. A pattern without and features, just basically a regular pant.


From there we moved on and started to add and align the features we wanted. Throughout that process we also had to adjust the basic fit to really have it work together with all the features.

Once we had a full pattern that we felt comfortable with we started to work with our supplier on getting factory samples made. We work with a extremely skilled production partner in Vietnam that has many years of experience from producing products for the outdoor industry. More on the production in a separate post soon!

Basically the same process, design-test-refine repeat, has been made with our factory.



A lot of work was put into finding just the right hem size and getting all features on the lower leg lined up in a nice way. We sew a bunch of samples just on the hem. The hem has three important features all squeezed into a small area: size adjustment, boot hook and under the foot loops.



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