Product development pinboard.

Product development pinboard.

As some of you whom have been following along for a while have seen, there are a few projects/products that we have initiated here in the blog. Many of you have asked: what’s happening with them and what’s their status. As we haven’t been to frequent with the blogging lately we felt that we needed to rethink how we can present all of our ideas from embryo to finished product in a better and more inspiring way.

Let us introduce the development pinboard. We are opening up our door to our studio and you will be able to, in a much more structured way, take part of the progress. See how different projects/products evolve and be a part of it. Follow projects/products that interests you, know their status and once we get closer to launch get a good preorder deal.

Without saying too much there are quite a few things happing right now and having this pinboard in place is just one step. In the upcoming months you'll see how the list will populate with exciting projects going forward.

Check it out here!

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