Illustration of pant

The outdoor pant.

As mentioned earlier our first product will be a classic outdoor pant and I thought it’s time to share some more info on the concept.

The main driver has been to make a classic multifunctional outdoor pant. A pant that should fit in our “Outdoor Specifics” category. For this pant, it means that it should be featured for more traditional outdoor activities and also withstand the abuse it will be exposed to.

Basically a pant that should work really good for trekking, hiking or other similar outdoor activities.
We want to give you as much value for your money as possible but there is always a balance between how much you can afford and what’s really necessary to have.

The goal is to sell this outdoor trouser for between 900-1100 SEK.

Illustration of pant


First, let’s talk a bit about the fabrics. We have been looking for durable and sustainable options with a great handfeel for the main fabric. From a sustainable point of view, fabrics is a area where one easily can make a great difference.

We have ended up with a mixture of recycled Polyester and organic Cotton. The organic cotton gives a wonderful handfeel and breathability qualities while the recycled polyester ensures that the fabric is durable enough. A classic and well proven combination of 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton.
The second fabric is a double weave stretch fabric. The double weave gives the fabric a really soft-touch on the inside.
We are still evaluating some options here but to ensure really good stretch and durability properties it will be a combination of nylon and spandex.

The idea is to layout the two fabrics in a way that you get 360 degrees stretch while still remaining durability where it is needed.


Both fabrics will be treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) impregnation that is free from fluorocarbons. A DWR impregnation is a very thin layer of coating that is applied on top of the fabric. This coating prevents water from being absorbed by the fabric fibers and instead make the water form small beads that simply falls of the fabric. In short: this treatment will keep your pants dry much long than if they did not have this treatment.

Traditionally, most outdoor companies have been using a DWR on their clothing that contains fluorocarbons. There are different types of fluorocarbons however common for these synthetic substances is that research have shown that they are not only harmful to the environment but also persist in the environment for a very long time; a combination that we think make it unacceptable to use. Therefore we use DWR impregnation that is free from fluorocarbons.

Poly cotton fabric

Recycled polyester and organic cotton mix with fluorocarbon free DWR.


Nylon fabric

Nylon and spandex mix with fluorocarbon free DWR.



Looking at the pant from top to bottom you first have two deep classic hand pockets. On both thighs, you find quite large leg pockets. Large enough to accommodate most map sizes. In the right pocket, you also find a smaller sleeve on the inside for, for example, your phone.
On the back, you have on zipped pocket. We will use YKK zippers on all zippers. It is for sure the most proven zipper supplier out there.

Ventilation zippers

Along both legs you will find large ventilation zippers. These zippers are featured with dual sliders which means you have the option to either open it from the top, or from the bottom. We have chosen not to have any mesh behind the zipper which is quite common on similar pants. This is basically because we want to be able to really ventilate and open the sides up and not be restrained to a mesh fabric on the inside.

Knee protection

While taking about the inside; inside both knees you find sleeves where you can insert knee protection if you like. We are currently developing a EVA knee pad that is designed with a specific flex pattern, more on that later.

Zipper sliders


Lower leg adjustments

The ankle features a very durable and simple, yet very effective metal hook. The hook itself is designed with a “counter” hook to ensure it stays in place.  You have multiple slots where you can place the hook to ensure a good fit over your boot. More on the hook later.

Webbing hook

Boot hooks & boot straps

Inside the front of the leg you also find another even smaller metal hook. This is for hooking the front of you pant down to your boot laces. One more feature to ensure the pant stays down is one that is most commonly used on children’s rain wear. It is an elastic band that you can strap under your boot. This is great when walking in snow for example. We have added two loops on each leg and you will receive two elastic cords that gives you the option to use this feature if you like.

Reinforced inside lower leg

The last feature on the lower leg is on the inside. This part features a dual layer of fabric to ensure durability.

Zip pullers

One small detail, but still a very important one, is the zip puller. We want to really make each detail as long lasting as possible and that’s why we will use durable nylon fishbone weave webbing pull tabs.

Blue print webbing

As always, your thoughts, comments or feedback are highly appreciated!

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