Aluminium buckles.

The worlds best webbing belt.

This might seem like a basic product, just a normal webbing belt. But it is one of the most exciting projects we been working on and possibly the worlds best webbing belt. The fact that it is such a simple product and yet with so much possibilities both aesthetically and from a production point of view makes it really really fun working on.

We have just received the final sample of the aluminum buckle and it looks great. It has been made by our friends at UTX and is Bluesign approve. The combination with the webbing quality and the aluminum buckle make this belt extremely long lasting, you will never need another belt once you have this one.

Details of different belt buckle.Webbing belt.This project has been in the making for quite some time now and make sure to read the initial blog post on the webbing production and benefits of Solution dyed yarn.

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