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What’s happening? We are almost ready!

It has now been over two months since the last blog post and over four months since that last blog post about the new hoodie. What has taken so long time? Well, it turned out that making the best possible gear is challenging, and takes time. It has been over two years since this project was initiated, and countless samples and changes have been made, but that being said, it is really close to a release now.

Cannot share the exact date, but it will happen before Christmas. It will initially be a limited launch, so stay tuned. Without revealing all the details, figured it would be nice to share some of the things that have happened since the last update.

Samples of cuff designs.

From a product design perspective, there has been some rework done on the cuff and thumb hole. The initial design (to the left) was built on an overlapping “loop”. The main drawback we found, was that the loop stayed open when not in use. Also the construction, with such a curved seam, created a weak spot that we wanted to avoid.

The rework (final result to the right), came out really nice both from a fit but also functional perspective. When not in use the hole stays closed and somehow it feels and even looks better.

In the last presentation I briefly mentioned colors, and these are the two that initially will be launched. Classic black and a blue. The blue is similar to the Lupin tee mountain-blue color.

Labdips of Polartec fleece fabric.

One important thing that has happened, is that the hoodie have been given a name. We got so manny great suggestions from all of you, thank you so much. We finally decided to call it Ask, after the suggestion from Gabriella. Ask is the Swedish word for Ash tree. The wood has some really great properties that in some sense is found in the hoodie as well. To start with, the Ash wood, is really strong, simliar to the durability of the outer surface of the hoodie. Ash is also quite flexible just like the stretch properties in the fabric. Simply a really good match.

Care label inside fleece hoodie.

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