Details of shirt.

A shirt for windy days. - UPDATE 1.

It has been a while since the last blog post now but a lot of things has happened and there are so many things we would like to give you an update on. Like the status on the insulation jacket, more sizes, new colors on Ljung and the new long sleeve Merino sweater. But before we talk about all those things we wanted to give you some insights on another project that we have been working on. We have not showed anything on this piece before and it has been one of those ideas that has been laying around or a while and then suddenly they start to grow.

It is a super practical piece that will compliment the current products in a great way. Not really sure what to call it and it is kind of a mixture between a shirt, over shirt and wind jacket. The idea came from the Vide fleece, with the same kind of buttons but with properties of being light weight and packable.

Illustration of shirt.

The layout is very straight forward:

  • Collar that is small enough not disturbing when folded down but large enough to give some protection in the back when folded up.
  • Snap buttons for quick and easy adjutments.
  • Fit that is straight and a slight overshirt feel to it for good movment but still not bulky.
  • Lightweight and packable, kept it in my shorts pocket during a mtb climb and when it got windy on the top I simply put on.

Details of shirt.Details of snap buttons.

Stay tuned for more details on this project soon, details like fabrics and some other small but really neat features.

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