Lightweight backpack - UPDATE 1.

Lightweight backpack - UPDATE 1.

 How come you have not made any backpacks yet? 

Well, I guess a bit of background could be a nice start. Rewinding the tapes to when this journey started in 2016. And for those of you whom I do not know yet, my name is Jacob. Back in 2016 I had just left my job as a Senior hardware designer at the Swedish outdoor company Haglöfs, where I worked designing and making backpack and sleeping bags since 2009. 

Laying on the ice

During the first 5 years, of this journey, I was splitting my time consulting and making bags and backpacks for other brands. Brands like Peak Performance, Dometic, Silva, Profoto to name a few. And when this studio was set up it is was initially also set up to work as a creative hub for making backpacks and bags.


Opening this creative place up you’ll find everything you could image when it comes to designing and making backpacks.



We have a material and trim library that will give you loads of inspiration. Buckles for any application and fabrics: lightweight, strong, breathable and everything in-between. The initial idea back in 2016 was to make the studio like one of the sample rooms you'll find in state of the art backpack factory. We have got the machines and the possibilities dream up any backpack idea and take it from an idea to smaller in-house productions.



So why no own packs yet? Well let's start by saying we are about to change that!
And now we are putting one more pin up on the development pinboard - The backpack.

More to follow soon.

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