Lightweight backpack - UPDATE 2.

Lightweight backpack - UPDATE 2.

Why carry unnecessary weight?

When looking at our product range today it gives us a clear indication that more of you value lighter products. Currently our most popular product is the Lind pants. And not too surprisingly this is our favourite product too.

Carrying lighter or wearing lighter gear does not need to make your activity more advanced or more complicated, rather the opposite. Lightweight simply means less weight and that's a good thing whether you are going hiking, biking, skiing or whatever you like to do outside.
With the advanced materials that exist today one does not need to compromise on comfort, functionally or durability for lightweight. And, add in, some slightly different thinking to the mix and we will be able to make a pack that is ultra lightweight and works for any outdoor activity you'll throw at it.

We envision this pack to be, just as our view on the outdoors, multifaceted. Multifaceted in a lightweight way.

- Only want the bare minimum from your pack, strip it down to its bare essentials.

- Are you a user who likes to attach gear to your pack or compress it in a certain way? just optimise it the way you like.

- Like touring during winter and needing to be able to throw your skis at it, go ahead.

- Not the only user? Lend it to a friend and adjust it so it sits comfortable on that person too.

- Could it even become a system where you could modify it to suit your specific needs?

The rough specs:

  • Ultra lightweight.
  • 55L Rolltop.
  • Adjustable back length.
  • Water-resistant with taped seams.
  • Flexible compression and adjustment possibilities.
  • External pockets.
  • Hydration bladder possibilities.
  • External ski, pole, skates or gear attachments.
  • Add-on modular pockets.


Stay tuned for more info soon

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