Lightweight cap - UPDATE 3.

Lightweight cap - UPDATE 3.

The first samples have just arrived and we just wanted to give you a quick update and show you where we are heading in the project.

Last updated we asked for your input on colors and it was quite clear that solid was the way forward.


This first production run will we make it in a dark blue color.

Even though it’s just a cap are we making a few details different, details that we think we make all the difference.

- We are making it light weight. You want it protected you from the sun not be heavy on your head. Around 50 gram.

- It dries quite fast. We are not just playing on dry land, sometimes we need sun protection in the water too.

- You can easily open up the adjustment and attach the cap to something else, like your backpack if you just want it off your head for a while.

- The whole thing is flexible. This means it can easily be stored away in a pocket.

- It’s stretchy, even the adjustment is stretchy! This we make for a great fit.

- Have a kid that needs to borrow it, the flexible back adjustment makes it possible to really compress and the size smaller.



Follow along for the next update as we open up for pre-orders.

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