Merino wool socks - UPDATE 2.

Merino wool socks - UPDATE 2.

This is the second update on our sock journey and it has taken us to the heart of the Swedish textile industry just outside of Borås. In small town called Dalsjöfors you'll find an extremely iconic factory building with its triangle shaped roof. And when you grab the door handle you can feel the centuries of knowledge that has been stored inside the building.

This is the place to go to if you want to learn everything there is to know about the art of making socks.


The factory runs almost one hundred knitting machines and we get guided through all steges of the production while asking as much questions as we possibly can.


We get flooded with inspiration and information and some of our key learnings are:

- There are a few main options that one can take that will affect the over all design. For example length of the shaft or how one places the toe seam.

- There are also few main knitting alterations that give the socks slightly different look, functions and feel. Like making different parts thicker or adding ribbs for a better fit.

- The more color/graphics you add the more cut threads you'll find on the inside of the socks.

- Different materials are of course a big part of the end result too.

So what path are we taking with our first sock.

Let´s start by defining our intended area of use.
Our intention with this first sock is to make it extremely versatile, just like most of our products, but we also want to make this one lightweight. One of those socks you can wear in summer without a problem and during any activity, slow pace to high pace.

Also as ways: form follows function is a strong guiding star of ours hence will we keep the design minimal where knitting techniques and colors will all serve a purpose.

From a material point of view, in our minds, there are no better option than Merino wool when it comes to a product that you wear next to your skin. There are so many pros with Merino wool. Just to name a few: it does not start to smell and it keeps you warm even when wet. The choice is simpel, we going for a Merino wool mix.

To sum it all up: A lightweight, all activity, Merino wool sock.

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