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When one plus one becomes three - UPDATE 2.

What began as a simple wind shield has now evolved into an even better product. As you know, we have been working on a new layer that complements our current offerings for some time now. Versatility is at the core of our brand and this upcoming product not only offers a wide range of uses on its own, but check out below how this one also utilizes one of our favourites for even more possibilities and use scenarios.

Hands up!

You won't believe it, but the new shirt pairs perfectly with our Vide fleece. It was a strange moment when things just aligned. We were trying on an earlier prototype and I had the Vide fleece under the shirt. It felt like they were meant to be together instantly.

We tweaked the snap buttons to match the snaps on the Vide fleece and added an extra row. Now, they snap together and the Vide becomes a great insulation liner. It's almost too good to be true. The summer shirt can now also be worn as a wind shirt, an overshirt, and even a fall jacket.


The challenge became to find a fabric that could work both as a shirt, without anything under, and as a overshirt where you would wear lika a t-shirt under to a jacket with padding. In other words a fabric that is light enough to wear as a first layer but strong and sturdy enough as a jacket. Can that even be made? I think we have found it 🙂

The fabric we found is a relative light and 100% recycled nylon form South Korea. It is woven with a narrow ripstop structure which gives that fabric a nice texture. The hand feel is solid even though it is such a light fabric and the face has a PFC-free water repellent dwr.

Scale showing weight of shirt.

What about the weight?

We understand that weight is an important factor to consider when choosing your hiking gear. While there are certainly very lightweight options available, this shirt is not heavy at all. In fact, the medium size for men comes in at only 164 grams, taking into account all aspects of the shirt's design and construction that's really really good.

Details of snap buttons.Details of snap buttons.Overshirt with hands in pockets.

We should definitely mention that this shirt has two pockets for added convenience. And as a bonus, it can be turned inside out and conveniently stored in one of its own pockets.

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