Imagine pants and shorts that feels like a summer breeze. Just that right balance between weight, stretch, fit and features.

Bring them anywhere.

"Bring them anywhere" That is exactly where we want these pants and shorts to be used. Light, stretchy and packable are the three main ingredients for Lind.

Lind, lightweight.

We decided to go with the name Lind, which is Lime tree in English. A perfect name since the Lime tree wood has simliar properties as the pants. The wood is light weight, and feels just like the Lind pants, very smooth on the surface. Not to mention the woods great bending abilities, just like the stretch in the fabric we use.

The fabric.

Löv is the Swedish word for "leaf" and this is a fabric made for warm weather. It is a fabric that feels soft against your skin. Löv contain as much recycled content as possible, while we ensure the highest possible quality and durability.
The combination of fibers makes the fabric really quick-drying and thanks to its 2-way stretch its perfect when you need good freedom of movement.
The fabric weighs only 120 g / sqm, which makes it very light and packable.

Made of a combination of recycled polyamide, polyamide and spandex, with a DWR impregnation free of fluorocarbons.

The pants.

Imagine pants that feels like a summer breeze. Very light pants that weight only 300g in men's eu48 och 280g in women's eu38. We wanted to find that right balance between weight, stretch, fit and features. Adjust the hem and get a perfect fit combined with sandals or even when barefoot. Keep your smaller items safe with two zipped leg pockets.

The shorts.

Just like the pants, the shorts are made from the same stretchy, fast drying and light fabric. Go from a hike, to a run, to climb, to a bike ride straight into the water for a swim. The shorts simply does it all.