Trade in.

We bear the ultimate responsibility for what we produce and it will always be our responsibility no matter how old a NORRA product may be. That is why we now are initiating a trade-in service, a function that hopefully will minimize the risk of Norra products ending up in the wrong place once they are not being used any more. 

How does it work and whats in it for you?

If you believe that your NORRA garment has been on its last adventure with you, basically if it is too old or impossible to mend, then you are more than welcome to send your garment back to us, we will cover the shipping cost, and we will take care of it. The condition of your garment will determine what we will do with it and in return we will give you a reward on your next purchase.

  • Repairing and reselling:
    If the returned product can be repaired to a level where it can be used again, this will be the very first step it will take. 


    If a product is beyond repair will we look at other up-cycling possibilities. The materials can often be used again in other, new products.

  • Recycling:

    The final stage would be to recycle the materials in the products. Really important to understand is that even if a single material in theory can be recycled or biodegraded, today there are currently no standardized recycling or biodegrading systems for textile garments. There is a lot of work being done in this field with some really promising possibilities. As of right now will we recycle the parts that we can and the rest will be stored.


These are the rewards and no matter how old the garment is or in what state, we take it back.

  • Ljung/Lind Pants:

    200 SEK

  • Lind Shorts:

    100 SEK

  • Ask/Vide:

    150 SEK

  • Lupin:

    100 SEK

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