This is Anna Gros, a 31-year-old adventurer. One could say that she loves all outdoor activities 🙂 everything from cycling, kitesurfing, sailing to skiing. She works as a sociologist and a climate activist. Her passion for the outdoor life and desire to engage others fuels her pursuit of new adventures and projects. Last summer we got the change to follow her as she undertook a journey by bicycle through Sweden to raise awareness about climate change in collaboration with Protect Our Winters , an environmental organization she is involved in.

“Outdoor life has always been a part of me and it is fundamental for me to feel good.” she says. Outdoor life for Anna doesn't have to be difficult, challenging or planned. “The forest, the mountain and the sea are always there, open to new adventures no matter how big or small” she continues.

As Anna has become more and more involved in climate and environmental issues, outdoor life has also become a way for her to "connect with nature".

“Being in that beautiful wilderness that we so urgently need to protect fuels my commitment.”

Being outdoors is also a way to meet friends and create memories. For over a year Anna and her partner slept at least one night a month. It does not need to be complicated she says. “After a day of working we packed our bikes and biked a few miles out of Malmö and slept. Cycled home in the morning, took a shower and went to work. Simple, easy and absolutely wonderful.” she say with a smile 🙂

How about your favourite outdoor place, I ask: “I would recommend a visit to St: Anna's archipelago. An archipelago full of possibilities and I travel there as soon as I get the chance. It is one of my favourite places on earth.”

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