Our mission is to make extremely well crafted products. Behind every product lies hours and hours of work; producing a product is a craft and every single product is made somewhere and by someone.

The last step in our webbing belts production journey takes place in Rättvik, right next to lake Siljan. Here you will find a fantastically nice factory called Fauna.


About two hours outside of Riga, Latvia, there is the small town of Kuldiga. An ancient town with beautiful buildings, it is also known for its extremely wide waterfall. Here there is a 200 year old brick building that appears to be just what you would imagine a classic factory building to look like.

The tradition of craftsmanship here is mixed with modern technology, creating a blend in perfect harmony. This is where some of our t-shirts and sweaters are sewn. 


In a small town called Marbäck just outside Ulricehamn, Sweden, you find a state of the art knitting factory:  Marbäck Tricot. Established in 1965 they have evolved and through the years refined the craftsmanship of knitting, it feels extremely satisfying to be able to use their fabrics for our Merino wool products.

The fabric that we use is knitted out of 96 individual threads that all interlink and create this wonderful tricot. Each thread is lightly waxed to enable it to run smoothly through the knitting machine. Once knitted it will it is washed and dyed, a process that gives it colour, removes the wax, and gives the fabric a really smooth surface.

The knitting machines are carefully monitored ensuring the highest possible quality and all finished fabrics go through exacting quality controls before being sent to the sewing factory.

Even though the knitting procedure it extremely impressive and hard to grasp, it is the blend of fibres in each thread that makes all the difference. The combination Merino wool and Tencel is simply amazing and has to be experienced.


With the complexity of over 60 different pattern parts, sewing our pants require really great care. We have teamed up with a highly skilled production partner just south-east of Hanoi in Vietnam.

Their factory is strategically positioned with easy access to major roads connecting them with the international shipping harbour in Hai Phong.

This top-of-the line factory has three stories and employs around 300 workers.