This is Åsa, she lives in Gothenburg and one should not be surprised if you see her with a camera in her hand. As a trade she works with digital design and it is not hard to guess that photography is one of her great passions in life, that in combination with being outside. As she spends most of her work in front of the computer, escaping into nature, even for a short break over lunch, is what makes all the difference.

I ask what outdoor life means to her, and she says:
“Nature is what gives me energy and inspiration and where I can let go of all the musts and just relax".
There is something special with only focusing on the essentials like food, heat and where to pitch your tent for the night. It is all those simple things that makes all the difference, just like boiling coffee over the campfire.
“Like when the sun suddenly breaks through the heavy rain clouds, or when the sun rises on a cold morning", she says.

Just like one of her best memories which happened during a hike from Abisko last autumn. “We had just passed the cottage at Alesjaure and the rain started to pour down as we went up towards Vistasdalen. We tried our best to keep the mode up as we stopped for lunch”, she says.

“But then, just as we started to reach the top and the valley opened up infront of us, the sun started to slowly spread over the mountains. The clouds opened up, and light started dancing in the autumn yellow trees down in the valley. Absolutely magical and almost unreal. A small moment from a week of hiking, but a feeling that stayed for a long time.”

Product tested: Ljung pants.

You can follow Åsa on instagram @kobolt