This is Jakob, one of our first applicants for the Lupin t-shirt test, 29 years old and born in Östergötland.

Nature has always been close to him and after spending many years working at different mountain stations in the Swedish mountains, his interest for the nature later lead him to his current studies. Studies in environmental science at Södertörns university.

Most important to him is to get outside. He and his dog Weasley, try to make it a daily routine and even if they now live in a city, nature is just a 10 minutes bus ride away.

What is your top outdoor memory, I ask.

“It would be when I worked at the Blåhammaren mountain station back in 2012.
One evening some friends and I packed our bags and went out into the night. On skis we made it down to Storulvån, a trip of about 12 km. It was clear sky and full moon, the whole mountain was lit up and the snow reflected the moon's light so well that we didn't have to use any headlights. After about 3 km we came across a crest and the wind suddenly disappeared and the only thing you could hear was the snow under our skis and the occasional scream of happiness.”

Product tested: Lupin merino t-shirt.

You can follow Jakob on instagram @jakob.forssell