Joakim Vatnaland, 29 years old, born and raised in Bergen. Ever since he was 14 years old and participated in his first DNT-trip, nature has been a big part of his upbringing and life. In high school he studied one year in Alaska, which gave a whole new meaning to the word Wilderness. He was also introduced to canoeing and backcountry skiing. In recent years his trips have been everything from hiking in the mountains around Bergen, to going on longer trips both in Norway and abroad.

“Outdoor life for me has changed a bit over time. In the beginning it was mostly about escaping from my daily life, getting all the noise in the background to disappear. Whether it was with friends or alone, it was just wonderful to go to the mountains. On foot or skis, with tents and Primus, making my way from point A to point B. With age, I have realised that the trips I make are even better with some good company. Share these moments with loved once is simply the best”

What is your best outdoor memory - we ask? “After years of traveling to places like Alaska, Canada, Japan, Nepal and most of Europe, I have started to appreciate more and more the nature I got here at home. One of the trips that stays strongest with me is when a good group of friends went to Hjørundfjorden to go on a week long trip. After hiking on Kolåstinden and Slogen in beautiful autumn weather, the trip was interrupted by some really bad weather.

We decided to drive home to Bergen again, but along the way we to took a spontaneous trip up to Skålatårnet to stay overnight, even though the weather was against us. On the top you find a small round tower, built in stone, with a 360 degree view over the mountain.

When we reached the summit after 5 hours and 1800 meters of climbing, the clouds cleared and revealed the most beautiful starry night I have ever seen. As we watched the sky snugged in our down jackets and blankets, the northern light also appeared brightly. The next day when we got up, there was a thick fog far down in the valley, giving the impression that we were above the clouds, making the walk down again memorable in itself.”

For the past six months I have used the Ljung pants for almost everything! From everyday use in the office and shop, to climbing, kayaking and camping. These were my go-to pants when hiking around the Alps for 4 months last year and on a 3 week journey to Nepal. They’ve proven to be extremely durable, and with a design that blends in just as good in the mountains as they do in the city.

Product tested: Ljung pants.

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