Johan Gustafsson, lives for photography and especially out in nature. And it is not hard to understand when you see his pictures. When taking portraits of animals, Johan somehow freeze the time and the pictures are simply magical.

Apart from taking pictures, outdoor life to Johan, means relaxation. “Stepping out into nature gives you the opportunity to relax and just stroll around without the hassle” he says.

He strongly remembers a specific trip, a trip to the mountains, up to Flatruet. Simply stunning views and breathtaking nature and on the way home they stopped at Nipfjället and hiked around the mountains where reindeers crossed their path. “walking around that kind of nature with such beautiful views and reindeers that roam freely is and incredibly relaxing experience.” he says.

“If I were to recommend a trip, it would be to visit Fulufjället National Park. In this place you’ll find Sweden's highest waterfall and the world's oldest tree. Very beautiful nature and good hiking trails. There will be more trips here for me in the future.” He ends.

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