“I am a horse loving, travel addict” says Kristin. Growing up close to the lake Vättern and spending her summers on the Swedish west cost, horses have always been a big part of her life.

Currently she has her home in Patagonia where she runs a travel business. A business focused on bringing international travellers to experience the magic of Patagonia. But she also trains horses for endurance racing and teaches English on a volunteer basis to locals who want to work in tourism, but are held back by their lack of language skills.

I ask her about her best outdoor memory and not surprisingly it involves horses.
“My first love is horses, even ahead of travelling, and for 15 years I had a dream of riding horses in Patagonia.” She says.
Said and done, she booked the tickets and during that journey to Patagonia she had an experience that changed her life forever.
The faith lead her to new friends that invited her to the world famous Torres del Paine National Park.
“We galloped across the fields, on beautiful endurance horses, with the mountains as our backdrop, I felt so wild, so free. It felt like a dream, and I was scared of waking up from it.” She says and continues ” I fell in love with that place and the lifestyle and decided then and there to do anything in my power to stay…"

And when I ask her what the word outdoor means to her and she says:
“To me this means going back to basics, being outdoors and being active. Nature is the best form of meditation and also works if I want to get away, solve a problem or come up with new ideas.”

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You can follow Kristin on instagram @frangipani_travel