Matilda Thorsell and David Lenneblad live together in a small village in Dalarna called Bispberg. David moved from Västergötland just over a year ago up to Dalarna where Matilda was born and raised. Together they found a red, timbered tavern with nature and a rolling valley landscape as their backyard. Both of them have a burning interest for creating with the camera and natur is their bigest source of inspiration.

What is outdoor life for you, I ask.
“Outdoor life for us is to find peace and tranquility in the small moments of nature. Whether it's skiing up the mountain or a quiet afternoon under a tarp in a forest. As we live on the country side outdoor for us is just outside the front door and we spend most time in the near forests.”

We agree that the best memory we share is the time when we climbed up the Bukkelægeret in Jotunheimen on our way to the Memurubu mountain station. After an adrenaline-filled climb we found a sunny slope to rest on with the fantastic view of the Memuru Valley in front of us. "We camp here tonight" we both said at the same time. With the tent slightly opened, we fell asleep, just as the magical warm summer night fell across the valley and turned the sky into a painting.

Product tested: Vide Polartec® fleece.

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