Pierre is 33 year old Frenchman who has spent his last 10 years in Stockholm, creating and leading tours in the nature around Stockholm. Together with his friend Pieter he run the outdoor guiding company The Green Trails. During the summer you mostly see him skippering his sailboat between Dalarö and Nynäshamn, and during the winter he lead groups on long-distance skating tours. Photography is his other occupation and he has for the past three years been the official photographer for the swimrun competition ÖtillÖ.

What does outdoor mean to you? - I ask.
“Being outdoors is part of who I am, but it is an extremely hard word to describe! Since I was a child, outdoors is where I've spent most of my free time. It can be skateboarding with my neighbour, exploring trails with my brothers on our old mountain bikes, hiking in the alps or sailing during the summer months on the North Sea with my family. And now it has become my main occupation." He continues, "my family gave me this way of life, and now I’m trying to pass it on, so my definition of outdoor is changing a bit...¨

I ask Pierre to tell me a story about one of his most memorable outdoor memories.
“I've been staring at my ceiling for a long time trying to come up with one memory, but I don’t get that one memory but a waterfall of them”, he starts.

“One that is more vivid than the others happened not that long time ago. This summer, my family went camping down in Skåne. The weather was far from great, but I hardly can resist a swim, especially if there are waves! So I changed to my swimming shorts and ran to the sea. Once in the water, I turned around to wave at my two year old son. I was surprised to see that he was running down to the beach. I stoped and helped him to undress, I took his hand and followed him in the shallow water.

The coldness of the sea, the splashing of the waves, the excitement and discovery of the sea...it was so much going on in his head and a lot of laughter. It was a very simple moment (no planning, no gears…), but definitely the highlight of my summer!”

Product tested: Ljung pants.

You can follow Pierre on instagram @ pierremangezphotography

Read more about The Green Trails here:www.thegreentrails.com