Rania was one of our very first followers. She was also one of the first to back us on Kickstarter which helped us bringing the Ljung pants to life. This summer she gave us great insights when she tested the Lupin t-shirt during the development phase and we are really happy that we have gotten to know her a bit more.

Rania works as a jewellery designer and a photographer with focus on adventures close to home. Her base is in Sundsvall, the city between two mountains she says.
“It is within the forests in the north where I find my inspiration and get creative.” she says.

“Just to be out in nature. It can be a long trek, or a short hike through the forest in my backyard with friends. Being outdoors is quality of life, peace and quiet and time for recovery” She says when I ask her about the meaning of outdoor.

Just before writing this, she has just come back from a hiking trip in Finland. She has been hiking through the Finish archipelago along a newly opened route called St. Olav Waterways. She tells me that the colors where just amazing and together with crisp fall air it made it a great memory. A route that she highly recommends.

Product tested: Lupin merino t-shirt.

You can follow Rania on instagram @northboundjourneys