The three Dennbrink brothers: Peter, Fredrik and Henrik. All in their early forties and they all spend any possible moment together out in the nature. Blessed with likely minded families they enjoy anything from fishing, hiking, running, surfing, climbing, skiing or biking. There is no favorite activity, season or weather. The passion for the outdoors is all the time, every day.

Peter, Fredrik and Henrik all live and work in Köping, Sweden. Intense city life makes the weekend escapes really important. Most adventures are just that, weekend escapes, but each year they all plan for a longer trip. Often to harsh scenic places like Iceland, Svalbard or Caucasus.

We asked them what their best outdoor memory was, and they answered: "Too hard to pick just one :)". "Normally you do not need to travel far for those great moments", they continue.
"An early winter morning on Nordic ice skates when night meets the morning and you see stars and sunrise at the same time!"

Product tested: Ljung pants.

You can follow the Dennbrink brothers on instagram @outnbeyond