Early on last summer we got the chance to get to know Thomas Ivung. Thomas lives in the great outdoor kingdom of Mullsjö, just west of Vättern, in the middle of Sweden. He is an extremely humble person and a father of four. Most of his time outside he spends in the local forests seeking peace and quiet.

We asked him what the word “outdoor” means for him and his answer was just as humble as you would expect it to be. “It is simply about being outside in the nature and that is enough”. Walking from point A to B and exploring all those new places in-between. Stopping for a cup of coffee is enough.

Something that Thomas has done every year for the past ten years is travel up to
Härjedalen and look for bears. It is a track and search trip to support the local science, collecting data and the movements of the bears. Almost every year have they been able to track and locate bears. It is a really beautiful experience to just observe the bear families and see how the kids play, Thomas says.

Product tested: Ljung pants.

You can follow Thomas on instagram @outdoor_sweden