"I take every opportunity I can to be outside with my son or the whole family", says Thomas Wijk. Thomas is 44 years old, born and raised in Västerås.
"Anything", Thomas continues when we ask him what he enjoys doing in the outdoors. "Just a walk or a Swedish fika on a rock."

"I have always had the privilege to live just next to the forest and growing up was all about playing in the nature. Build tree houses, playing hide and seek, hiking and finding wild eatables such as lingonberries and mushrooms."

"It was really my childhood that shaped my interest for the outdoor and one of my best outdoor memories was in middle school, when we rafted in Dalarna on a raft that we build ourselves.
Nowadays, I really enjoy passing along all the knowledge I have gained throughout my life to my son."

Product tested: Ljung pants.

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