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Design review of the new Polartec fleece.

Time really flies and it has all ready been quite some time since the last update here on the blog. We have been, for a while, working on the next product and last Wednesday we did a short live presentation on Instagram.  If you missed the live show or would like an english version check out this blog post.  I figured it could be nice to post all info and the progress here as well. I hope you enjoy it!


This is a product that many have asked for and it was actually initiated back in 2019. When we where developing the Vide fleece jacket we also worked on a hoodie version. But for serval reasons we had to pause that project back then. However, now finally all pieces of the product development puzzel seems to find its places and we are pushing full throttle on this project. This also mean that we have gotten a pretty good start as we have been using the first prototype since 2019 now.

Let's dive into the details.

Illustration of fleece hoodie.

First, let's talk about the fit. For this product we wanted to find a fit that is somewhat more active but still comfy enough that one would like to wear it all the time. It is all about finding the right balance between too tight and too loose.

We want the hoodie to have a slight tighter and slightly more tailored fit. It is also slightly longer in the back making it better suited for active activities. Still the fit is relaxed.

If you would compare it to the Vide fleece, the Vide fleece is more like an over-shirt, more square and relaxed in its shape. I could almost see one using the Vide as an extra layer on-top of this new fleece.

This however is also very much liked the fabric which we will talk about further down.

Illustration of fleece hoodie.

Before looking at the fabrics, let's have a look at the features. We have divided the futures into thee categories: Protection, organisation and ventilation.

1. Protection.
The most obvious one is of-course the hoody. 3d shaped, made from 3 fabric panels, give a great and balanced fit.
Moving from the top of the fleece down, the second one is the chin guard. A small detail where the inside zipper-placket fold up and over the zipper ending. Nothing invited here but an essential detail.
The final detail is the thumb holes. The arms are longer and the cuffs features a horizontal thumb holes. We have found that the horizontal orientation of the hole gives both the top of your hand and the palm really nice protection.

2. Organisation
The fleece features two zipped handpocket. The big difference here is that the inside lining fabric is the same durable fabric and the outside. This means you do not need to worry that the pocket lining will break.

3. Ventilation
A bit in line with the Vide fleece that you can adjust the opening this zipped hoodie can be opened both from the top and the bottom. Making is super easy to adjust and ventilate while still keeping the fleece on.

Polartec fleece fabric.

As any garment the fabric is one of the most important ingredients. The Vide fleece uses Polartecs first version of Power Air which is a great fabric and work in perfect harmoni with the Vide design. However for this fleece hoodie that fabric is just bit too heavy and bulky. The great news is that Polartec have further developed their Power Air technology and have now a couple of difference fabrics that all are based on that same innovative construction that sheds up to 80% less microfibres compare to traditional fleece fabrics.

This version on Power Air is also made only from Polyester which made the recycling process much less complicated. The fiber content is 73% recycled Polyester, 27% Elastomultiester. It weights about 275g/m2 compared with the Vide fleece fabric the weights about 356g/m2

We are aiming for a price around 1400-1500sek where the completion is somewhere around 1900-2200sek.

Currently waiting on the first prototype which are coming next week so stay tuned for more info and another live presentation soon!

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