Map over Seoul

Outdoor in South Korea.

In between our meetings in Seoul we took the chance to check out the Korean outdoor scene. After some asking around we found a really nice store and brand called “Zero grams”. If ever in Seoul make sure to check them out.

They were really passionate about outdoor and their manager told us that he had trekked Kungsleden in Sweden back in 2014.
Kungsleden (King’s Trail) is a famous hiking trail in northern Sweden.

Street in Seoul

They told us that probably the most common place to go to within the Seoul area is Bukhansan mountain, part of the Bukhansan national park. There you can find great hiking and climbing, and that is their weekend escape.

The mountain is 836m above sea and surrounded by the Seoul metropolitan.

Zero gram store in Seoul

In Sweden we are really spoiled with the possibilities of pitching a tent almost everywhere. They explained to us that Korea does not have the same privileges and that only day trips are allowed to the Bukhansan mountain.

After a great product presentation, I bought a really really nice tarp.

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