Fabric and zipper samples.

Proto review of the Lind models.

Time really flies and it has all ready been two weeks since we showed the Lind prototypes live on Instagram. If you missed the live show, simply click the Instagram link to see it again.

I figured it could be nice to post all info and the progress here as well. I hope you enjoy it!

We decided to go with the name Lind, which is Lime tree in English. Suggested by Patrik, thank you! And thanks to the rest of you who sent in your proposals!

We felt that this was actually a perfect name since the Lime tree wood actually have simliar properties as the pants. The wood is light weight, and feels just like the Lind pants, very smooth on the surface.  Other great properties which is simliar is that the wood has good bending abilities. Just like the stretch in the fabric we use.

So it feels like a perfect match!

Instagram live show.

That leads us straight into the next topic. The fabric, which is a great part of how a garment feels and functions.

It has been a bit tricky and we have been taking some different paths on this fabric journey but now we finally feel that we've found a great combination of fibres for the coming products.

It is a combination of recycled nylon, virgin nylon and spandex .

The fabric weights only 120g/sqm which makes it really light and packable. Even though it is such a light fabric, the combination of virgin nylon and recycled nylon makes it really durable.

Another great benefit with this fabric is that it is quite fast drying, and if you look close you can see that the surface has small waviness to it. This prevents it from getting sticky on your legs if you get too hot.

The stretch is 2-way and helps to keep its shape much better if you compare to a 4-way stretch. I often experience that when you wear pants from 100% 4-way stretch they always feel way to flimsy, like if you are wearing joggers or trainers and not proper pants.

This fabric, thanks to the 2-way stretch, gives you great freedom of moment but the does not necessarily feel like trainers.

Recycled nylon fabric sample.

Let's take a closer look at the pants and shorts. The fit is made to be kind of mid fit, they are not really loose or tight. The hem and legs are slightly slimmer as you in most occasion will wear these with summer shoes, sneakers or sandals.

In the hem of the pants you find a similar adjustment system as on Ljung pants but these you can tighten much much more making sure they stay up if you for example wear sandals. This also gives the hem a nice fold compared to if one would use an elastic cord then they would kind of wrinkle up instead.

You got two zipped leg pockets and a really nice feature, pitched by Anton, is that you can fold the pants inside and out into the right side pocket. This makes a great small storage bag if you are traveling and need to pack the pants or shorts.

Light weight hiking pants.

Light weight hiking shorts.

Stay tuned for more information soon!

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