Sewing note

T-shirt design and beta testers.

We are pushing forward with the design of the t-shirt and as this is supposed to be your go-to t-shirt in any situation we want to keep the design as minimalistic and classic as possible.

When it comes to the layout of the t-shirt have we had three key details in mind:

  1. The top seam.
    The top seam has been slightly moved backward to minimise any possible chafing from a backpack shoulder strap.
  2. The side seam.
    The side seam is slightly curved backwards to minimise any possible chafing from your are arm  swinging.
  3. The back.
    As this t-shirt is aslo supposed to work in an active mode the back of the t-shirt is slightly longer.

T-shirt sketches

As mentioned earlier have we been looking at a few different material options, all of which contains merino wool. We have now decided to start testing the combination of mulesing free merino wool and tencel. We are also really happy the say that this fabric is knitted here in Sweden. We will write more about this fabric later.

Within a few weeks will we be getting the first prototypes and we are now looking for a few test persons to try out the t-shirt during a couple of weeks this summer. We would like to learn from you how we can make the final adjustments creating the perfect t-shirt.


Interested? Fill in the below form and we will get back to you. We really appreciate all the help we get and as a thanks all the beta testers will get a t-shirt from the first production.


The application for the t-shirt beta testing is now closed. Thank you all for the shown interest.

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