Beyond a long sleeve sweater, your everyday multi-adventure sweater,
thats it. Multi-purpose and multi-use is for sure one of the
cornerstones in every product we launch and one of the key thoughts
behind the brand. And for every product we launch it feels like we are
getting better and better at finding those small tweaks that makes the
product simply work and preform no matter what activity you use it in.

With this new merino sweater we are even closer to ticking all those boxes.



We have been in love with the Merino wool and Tencel combination since before. So what is this combination and how is it made?

  • 40% TENCEL.

    Tencel is a cellulose fiber that comes from the raw material wood. It is such a fine fiber that it is soft like silk to your skin. Not only is Tencel extremely smooth, it has also really good absorbent and evaporate properties. It means that it helps the merino wool to regulate your temperature and keeping you, not too warm, not too cold. The Tencel we use come from Lenzing, Lenzing has been protecting
    the production of Tencel for a long time and you can read more about
    their work 

  • 60% MERINO WOOL.

    Merino wool has some of the most astonishing qualities. It is a great insulator and has at the same time, great evaporate properties. It
    means that when you are in a cold climate, merino wool keeps you warm and when you are in a warm climate, merino wool cools you down. It is also naturally anti-bacterial, which means that you can wear your sweater longer without starting to smell bad. Merino wool is also an organic and sustainable fiber from sheep in South Africa, guaranteed
    mulesing free.


In a small town called Marbäck just outside Ulricehamn you find a state of the art knitting factory called Marbäck tricot. Established in 1965 they have evolved and refined the
craftsmanship of knitting over many years and if feels extremely good to be able to use their fabrics.

Even though the knitting takes place in Sweden, when breaking it down into all its components there are plenty of places it touches before reaching your hands. See the Björks specs-list at the bottom of the page for a full list of ingredients and origins.



This might be more than just a Merino sweater.

  • Slightly extended 1/3 zip for possible ventilation.

  • Zip slider that locks into position.

  • No collar that is in the way.

  • Slightly longer in the back.


    Fabric: 60% mulesing free merino wool, 40% tencel.
    Merino wool fiber from South Africa, wood fiber from South Africa,
    Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Baltic
    countries, USA and processed in Austria and UK. Knitting and finishing
    in Sweden, dyed on Poland. Oeko-tex Standard 100.

  • TRIMS.

    Thread: 100% polyester.
    Origin: Polyester from India and Thailand. Finishing in India and Thailand. Oeko-tex Standard 100.

    Brand label: 100% polyester.
    Origin: Polyester from China. Weaving and finishing in China. Oeko-tex Standard 100.

    Care label: 100% polyester.
    Origin: Polyester from China. Weaving and finishing in China. Oeko-tex Standard 100.

    Zipper tape: 100% polyester.
    Origin: Polyester from Japan. Finishing in Japan. Oeko-tex Standard 100.