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Eva Knee Pads

Eva Knee Pads

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The Norra knee-pads are made from 8mm EVA foam and the flex-cut pattern helps the pads shape nicely around your knees.

The knee pads is still part of the Norra collection.

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Area of use.

These knee pads are a great if you know you will be standing on your knees and need that litle extra support.

EVA KNEE PAD is still part of the NORRA collection.

Do not take our word for it.

Unisex verison, avarage score of 4.5 based on over 116 reviews.

Product background.

The knee pads where initially inspired by Nasa and how they in some areas apply functional patterns. We wanted to make a flat surface more flexible by adding a cutting pattern and that how the knee pads expression and functionality was born. They are meant to be used as that extra support when you know that you will be working on your knees.


The knee pads come in one size and can easily be cut with a scissor for prefered size.

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The Knee pads are made from an EVA foam, short for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate foam. This is a versatile material known for its soft, lightweight, and flexible properties. Traditionally used in products like: sleeping mats, padding, and protective gear in sports and fitness equipment.


There are multiple types of materials used in our products, everything from wood, wool, plastics to metals. Each and every one of these materials are being made using a variety of processes. We choose our materials carefully both from how they are made to how they function but also to how they can be circulated once the product cannot be used any more.


Recycled or natural:
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We believe that transparency plays an extremely important role. Once one fully understand the complexity of production, one can start to change it and that is why we also want to share the true story behind our products.To really understand where a product has been made you have to break it down into all its components and materials. All these materials and components are almost never produced in the same place or country as where the product is sewn.


Tier 1, Cutting: In Vietnam.
Tier 4, Raw material:
Tier 3, Refinement:
Tier 2, Assembly:
Tier 4. Raw material. Vietnam.
Tier 3. Refinment. Vietnam.
Tier 2. Assembly. Vietnam.