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Organotex Waterproofing.

Organotex Waterproofing.

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Impregnation to improve water- (and dirt) repellency on most functional synthetic fabrics, e.g. polyester, polyamide and blends. Excellent for functional outdoor garments and gears, e.g. shells, soft-shells, skiwear, down-jackets, wind-breakers (incl. all different waterproof membranes or coatings). Maintains the fabrics breathability, color and structure. The product is able to dry in room temperature, however preferable use a tumble dryer or drying cabinet to reactivate the DWR impregnation most effectively (if possible). 
Easy to apply in a home laundry washing machine.

Inspired by nature´s own chemistry, like a leaf is water repellent. The formulation connects to each fiber deeply (3D) and gives a nice hand feel, no color changes or stiffness and it maintains the breathability very well.

Manufactured and developed in Sweden by OrganoClick AB (




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