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Lav Buff

Lav Buff

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Vi försöker hela tiden optimera och göra produkter på de bästa och mest hållbara sätten. En utmaning vid textilproduktionen är det spillmaterial som uppstår. Lav buffen är tillverkad av spillmaterial från Lupin t-shirten och är ett sätt att ta tillvara på så mycket som möjligt, både för oss och miljön.

Lav är fortfarande en del av Norra-kollektionen.
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Area of use.

This neck warmer is used all year round in our family. We use it during a training session or as that extra warmth around you head during a chilly night in the tent.

LAV is still part of the NORRA collection.

Do not take our word for it.

Unisex-version, genomsnittligt betyg på 4.9 baserat på över 90 recensioner.


We recommend that you compare the measurements of a neck warmer you already own with the measurements of our neck warmer and select your size. Please note that the garment is handmade and the meassurments may vary approximately +/-1cm.

Size chart.

Unisex, sizes in cm.

Weight chart.

Unisex, weight in gram.


The fabric is a 170g/sqm knit and the main fiber, 60%, is mulesing free merino wool. Merino wool has some of the most astonishing qualities. It is a great insulator and has at the same time, great evaporate properties. This means that when in cold climate, merino wool keeps you warm and when in warm climate, merino wool cools you down. It is also naturally anti-bacterial which means that you can wear your neck warmer longer without starting to smell. Merino wool is an organic and sustainable fiber and we have sourced the highest quality wool, guaranteed mulesing free.

The other 40% of our blend is Tencel. Tencel is a cellulose fiber that comes from the raw material wood. It is such a fine fiber that it is soft like silk to your skin. Not only is Tencel extremely smooth, it has also really good absorbent and evaporate properties. This means that it helps the merino wool to regulate your temperature and keeping you, not too warm, not too cold. Just like merino wool the Tencel fiber is an organic and sustainable fiber. 

You will be amazed how fresh the fabric feels if you put the neck warmer on a hanger over night! This will save both you en the environment many washes.


There are multiple types of materials used in our products, everything from wood, wool, plastics to metals. Each and every one of these materials are being made using a variety of processes. We choose our materials carefully both from how they are made to how they function but also to how they can be circulated once the product cannot be used any more.


Recycled or natural:
Recyclable or Biodegrade:
Certified content:
Other initiative:
Recycled or natural Merino wool and Tencel.
Recyclable or Biodegradable. Biodegradable* Merino wool and Tencel.
Certified content. Oeko-tex Standard 100.
Other initiative.
Recycled or natural
Recyclable or Biodegradable. Recyclable* polyester.
Certified content. Oeko-tex Standard 100.
Other initiative.
Recycled or natural
Recyclable or Biodegradable. Recyclable* polyester.
Certified content. Oeko-tex Standard 100.
Other initiative.

* Really important to understand is that even if a single material in theory can be recycled or biodegraded there are today currently no standardised recycling or biodegrading systems for textile garments.


We believe that transparency plays an extremely important role. Once one fully understand the complexity of production, one can start to change it and that is why we also want to share the true story behind our products.To really understand where a product has been made you have to break it down into all its components and materials. All these materials and components are almost never produced in the same place or country as where the product is sewn.


Tier 1, Sewing: Sewing in Latvia.
Tier 4, Raw material:
Tier 3, Refinement:
Tier 2, Assembly:
Tier 4. Raw material. Merino wool fiber from South Africa, wood fiber from South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Baltic countries, USA.
Tier 3. Refinement. Refinement in Austria and UK.
Tier 2. Assembly. Knitting and finishing in Sweden, dyed on Poland.
Tier 4. Raw material. Raw material from India and Thailand.
Tier 3. Refinement. Spinning in India and Thailand.
Tier 2. Assembly. Finishing and dyeing in India and Thailand.
Tier 4. Raw material. Raw material from China.
Tier 3. Refinement. Spinning and weaving China.
Tier 2. Assembly. Finishing and dyeing in China.


In addition to the garment-specific wash instructions, there are some general tips that can both extend the life of the garments and save you a lot of time in the laundry room.

Air: The absolute easiest and best way to keep your garments fresh is to air them. Some materials such as merino wool have natural antibacterial properties. This means that the garment stays fresh much longer. You will be amazed at how fresh the t-shirt feels after being aired on a hanger during the night.

Focus on the stain: Did you get a stain? Focus on it. It is often that garments are washed completely unnecessarily, when you really only need to remove a small stain. In most cases, it is enough to rub a little hand dishwashing detergent with lukewarm water on the stain. Then make sure to rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Detergent: Use the right detergent for the right material. There are a plenty of different detergents out there, so try to find a detergent that is both gentle on the environment and your garment. Some materials are a little more delicate, such as merino wool. For these garments, we recommend Organotex wool and down wash.

Specific care instrucitons: Delicate wash inside out with similar colors at 30°C. Do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener. Do not bleach or dry clean. Stretch when wet and we recommend that you use woo-detergent.